Introduction:- There are many ways to increase traffic to your website. Link Exchange is one of them.


Link exchange is the practice of exchanging links with other websites. There are many different ways to arrange a link exchange with webmasters. The simplest way of doing it is to email another website owner and ask to do a link exchange. Also visiting webmaster discussion boards which offer a dedicated link exchange forum where webmasters can request a link exchange be it of a certain category or open to anybody.

The most effective way to interest webmasters in linking to your site is by offering to exchange reciprocal links. This is a win-win situation - both of your web sites benefit from new targeted, relevant links.

Search engines see all of the new links pointing from other quality, relevant sites to your site, and increase your rank.

Link exchanging occurs when 2 relevant websites post each others link on each others website. For example, a website that sells engine parts can exchange links with another website that sells windshield wipers. These products are relevant because they both belong in the auto industry. A website visitor searching for engine parts may need windshield wipers. Over time, this will increase search engine rankings and visibility. We encourage all websites to keep a clean, neat and tidy categorized directory so that their visitors can easily locate a link to an external website.

If you're linking to increase your traffic, only approach busy sites with content similar to your own. With a little research, you'll soon discover the best sites with topics similar to yours. Don't see them as competitors, but opportunities for links.

Exchanges seem simple enough, 'you link to my site and I'll link to yours'. Fine in theory, but in practice linking sites on a reciprocal basis can be a hit and miss affair. As a general rule, only provide links that enhance your site. If you redirect a surfer to a poor quality site, it will reflect badly on you.

Our link exchange program is very powerful tool to help you with your search engine standing by increasing your site's link popularity. Link exchange is very useful tool to Webmasters who are interested in improving the page rank of their web sites as the page rank is influenced by the number of links that connect to a web site.


What are the benefits of having links to my site?

  • Get quality traffic through links from relevant sites (= increase sales) which is one of the most important reasons to have quality links pointing to your site.
  • With high quality incoming links, your site will be seen as a valuable resource.
  • Increase the awareness, visibility and credibility of your site.
  • Obtain wider search engine exposure.
  • Help your site get indexed by search engines.
  • Get higher rankings from search engines (= increase sales).


We will manage your link exchanges for you and upload all your automatic link exchange files for you. What this means is that you can be anywhere in the world and still be exchanging links without having to update your site on a day to day basis. It also means that you can get links while you sleep.

Exchanging links with other websites is the fastest and easiest way to increase the link popularity and search engine ranking of your website. The major search engines determine the importance of a website based on the number of links pointing it from other websites.

Websites with an excessive number of incoming links are considered to be popular and important. On the other hand, websites that have little or no incoming links are deemed unimportant by the search engines and end up getting hopelessly lost in the millions of search results.

We are high quality link partners that will only allow links of similar interest. Reciprocal link exchanges help webmasters by giving visitors quality resources to visit. Keeping your reciprocal link exchange free of poor quality material is very important. We value our link partners and ensure they are quality sites to visit.

Relevant link exchange greatly helps to increase page rank, traffic, and the potential to earn money. Link exchange works because there is no real risk involved where money is concerned, yet both websites stand to make money. Our link exchange is a win-win agreement for all involved.
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